Is there a Tube that would save your life? If you agree, no need to read any further.

The most important things to remember.

The odds can be beaten if you think and act with purpose.  Now you have what they call “Heart Decease”.  This is not a bad thing just a condition.  Remember:  “All of this will only be temporary”.  When you have finished doing what is required to be released, remember Home is the best location for beating the odds of extended life.  There is a little-known fact that lurks in the halls, which can be proven that is if you are released to your home, you have a 50% chance of surviving one year.  On the other hand, if you are released to a Managed Nursing Facility, your chances are reduced to 30% in making one year time period of living.  The reason for these stats may or may not be obvious yet if you put a little thought to it the issues associated with living anywhere other than your home.

 On the road to recovery: It is important to understand that your Heart will heal in about a week if not sooner.  Mending of the Sternum is important as that is central to a recovery that would improve your quality of life.  If by chance, while “on the mend” your Sternum is compromised, any damage will set you back and may require more surgery and an extended recovery period.

The Myth?  Do not lift more than 5 or 10 pounds.  This does not make any sense if you are a professional Wrestler or Athlete.  If your arms are 25 inches in diameter, you have the strength to lift many times the prescribed limits.  Nothing can humble the 300-pound lineman that understands he is not able to safely hold his 11-pound baby.  The facts are that you need to understand the lever and fulcrum.  The closer to your body you keep your upper arm, the less stress will affect your Sternim.  If you allow your elbows to extend away from your body,  there is a greater chance to put tension on point of separation, and possible break the bond holding everything in place.

Pre-Cardio Physical Therapy:  If there is one thing that had an impact on my movements was a proper method of getting out of bed.  This may not be an activity you give much thought to, but there is something that makes sense after you learn a method and find the reason for certain movements.  If you observe the technique of getting up out of bed, employ the concept of the Tube, the change will make the effort effortless.  Notice graphic two and three, the use of the left arm will require at least 22 pounds of force.  If the movement were outside the Tube, the effort would come close to doubling and require undue strain on the Sternum, causing possible separation of the wound.

01021902 (3).JPG
Published by Baylor Scott and White, Heart and Vascular Hospital Dallas Texas                         All rights reserved.

If you are healthy and fit, you may want to test the two different techniques and notice the difference in the amount of stress or amount of force required by getting outside the tube.


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7 thoughts on “Is there a Tube that would save your life? If you agree, no need to read any further.

  1. Quite some insight. It takes some time to understand it though, or is it because I’m not much acquainted to the field of medicine?


    1. Medicine is not the key. Common sense and understanding of how your body works, and your actions to keep it close. You are not the only one that finds the concept perplexing. NEXT TIME


  2. After an injury several years ago Learning to recognize what weighs 5 pounds or more amazed me. It took far longer than I like to admit, but the sooner you learn the chances of complete healing increase dramatically. I’m glad to read you’re doing well.

    Liked by 1 person

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