What if?: There must be something in here.

For those who really care, I have not been motivated to write nor is my motivation connected to anything else I wish to accomplish.   The one thing I have learned about having surgery, things change.  For the most part, I am not feeling the same zeal that I had before surgery.  I have lost my drive to share any thoughts, and I don’t even get riled up about the state of affairs in the World.  What seems to be the most important issue addresses survival and getting to tomorrow.  I have interest in many things, and none have the potential to sustain my being, based on needs.  That is enough, as you do not want to read any more about me.

The questions that roll around in this confused mind seem to be related to what is happening to our lack of better judgment.  The few people that haven’t exterminated themselves, are letting us know that we are not thinking properly and need to start not liking a few people.  There seems to be no reason for the action, only a need to persist in being a little ridiculous.  I have often wondered if there was a genetic structure that would be recognized for a lack of common-sense.  If by chance something in that realm would be available the knowledge is not being shared for the common folk to digest. 

For those who really don’t care, Our educational system has been hijacked by a faction of academia which does not believe in the tenets that were the basis of establishing a government that would be based on that which has not been found in governments elsewhere in the World.  The history of the original Colonies, and later to be referred to as the United States of America, had actually been an attempt and based on Socialism.  The concept was that all should be equal and therefore a chance of a Kingdom would be hard to develop.  After that first year, the facts that stood out were that the motivated survived as long as the lazy did not take all the profit.  Well, the Lazy prevailed and there was nothing to start the new year off.  I change was made when this was discovered and the motivated was able to keep all their profits after paying for their needs and seeds.  The Lazy were left to look for essentials from the benevolent.  The only difference from today was that the benevolent were not a group but individuals who believed in helping, YES, even the Lazy.

To set everything straight, This is just an attempt to let a little steam off my chest as  I want to move on to that which would be of some value to someone, somewhere.  As you have noticed most of what I have to share in not backed up by Documentation.  The reason for that is if you think this is easy, put in a few more years of life to see if your opinion doesn’t change.   “We the People” seems to be dwindling away into oblivion as there are a few elected people that feel We are not as important as a personal agenda that motivates their actions.  We have waited this long for common sense to guide this nation’s leaders, we are going to have to watch the decline and work for a more workable group of congressional leaders.  Knowing that God has a hand in some of what happens, behind the scenes, is there making sure that no one gets hurt in the process.  Or maybe our Creator will look beyond protocol and Smack em’ down.



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Photo: From a trip to Oslo, Norway.  A park dedicated to Erotic sculpture.


7 thoughts on “What if?: There must be something in here.

  1. Be encouraged, Sir. In good time your body, mind and soul will catch up with one another. I suspect in the process you’ll discover more to you than you recognized before. In the while, rest and find your joy in simply being. He who began the good work in you will be faithful to complete it.

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  2. You need to look after the most important person right now and that is you. You have been through much. All will fall into place.. Trust yourself to know and feel whats right for you. In the meantime, i send a hug and pray that all will be well.


  3. Although at times it may be difficult, try not to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your body deserves and needs to be in a positive environment to heal. With time you will unravel the answers you are looking for.


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