If there is an answer, where would you go to find it? Is this the start of an ordeal?

There is a time in life that adds the requirement for changing your Lifestyle routine. When that time comes for you, the questions begin and you may find that the internet as a resource to answer.  Each person has their own questions and concerns.  Keeping that in mind we will share some of those questions and concerns that invaded our mind.  The thought of needing to have Open Heart surgery seems to avoid the need for any rational thinking until the actual need for the procedure is inevitable.  The fact that each and every one of us is different produces the reason for me to spend time sharing some of those experiences.  The following are small moments of recollection.

It is best to start at the beginning: In early 2008, the realization of looking at the importance of living more healthy.  The first step was to start going to and working with a Medical Doctor.  Most interesting is the knowledge of how things have changed.  Having been in the Military during the Vietnam Era I learned that the US government had improved the Health Care System for Veterans.  The U.S. Navy had ships on many Oceans and the USS Enterprise was in the Mediterranean for this tour in the early ’60s.  All ships were on High Alert status at all times, with little regard to which Ocean they may sail.  Agent Orange was a staple for cargo, and somebody had to handle it at one time or another.  My brother had served and on the USS Enterprise.  Someone had to handle this chemical.  Most individuals that had come in contact with this herbicide are not alive today.   Many of them had passed prior to the late 1980s.  The United States Government had not anticipated the effects of extended contact and was not prepared to meet the needs of those Veterans.  Today things are different and they have extended the Veterans Administration services to meet the Medical needs of all who have served.

Discovery and acceptance:  With regard to my needs, the diagnosis of possible Heart Failure was detected from the first visit.  The beginning of the vigil was in the mid-90s when a Sonogram of the Chest and EEG of the Heart were ordered.  This is very routine for many however the first time was very Eye-opening.  What was not expected was the Audio segment of the test.  At various segments of the procedure, they record the sound for the Cardiologist would be able to hear what is happening as a result of the Heart Beats.  The standard protocol was an annual test to set up a means test for normal.  This annual event was quite mundane until last year in August the order was out to test one more time.  Like all other appointments, things progressed smoothly.  Then the Audio segment.  All these years I had grown accustomed to what was going to happen next.  The sound was haunting, as the Heart would pump with a squishy leaky sound would trail longer than in the past.  At that time I know that there was an abnormal situation.  I did not miss this one, as, within a day, my Doctor called me to inform me to have a consult with a Heart Specialist to discuss the future.



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Remember:  This account is the opinion of the Author and has no intention to provide emperical data that will be lead to a diagnosis and or prescribed treatment.  These are personal accounts that lead up to a Surgery and for providing information on what could happen in such an event.

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