If there is an answer, where would you go to find it? With each step, is there anything to learn? Step 3 of 4

The gourds grow interestingly

There is a little apprehension beginning to creep into my mind by this time.  We are about three months into the process to see what is going to happen soon.  There are many more test and procedures need to assist the Heart Surgeon with their contribution to the end result.

CT SCAN:  The day for the CT Scan has come and you just wait for the Technician to have the open space for the time required perform the test.  The time comes to enter the cool room and see the machine with the smaller space for the body.  In order to move on to the next step toward the Main Event, this is another experience to provide a little confidence, with what is about to be next.  One fact that needs to be understood is that with the Veterans Administration, communication is not the strong point for information.  The short part is that there is much that you need to do as the patient during this procedure.  In this instance, a headset is put in place for communication.  The volume is fairly intense which as the tendency to distract to the noise produced by the machine which may be haunting.  If you wonder, what to expect, there is nothing to be nervous about as this is not more than a chance to lay down and relax, except to “breath deep” and Hold your breath, and breath out.

Pre Op Scheduling consult:  This appointment is to ensure that all parties are on the same page and have some understanding of what is going to happen and when it may proceed.  If it were not for a need to have the patient verify their existence, this could be not performed.

Cardiology consult:   This may be confusing as the information was given and yet not what is going to happen and what will be performed.  Due to the fact that in my case the doctor that I had this consult with was not attached to the team that performed the operation.

Chest Ex-Ray: This becomes a standard procedure as they want to make sure that everything is in the right place and nothing has moved out of position.

Pre Op Surgeon or Nurse Practitioner Consult: This meeting may vary for person to person or procedure.  This for me was the most informative and released any animosity toward what to expect.  This was an opportunity for the representatives of the team to explain the procedure and what to expect.

Although a lot of things have transpired since the beginning, you will need to remember a few questions that you will not get a good answer about.  Just take the time to gather as many questions as arises and obtain the answers.  If I were to offer any suggestions would only be that which you would not want the answers.



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Remember:  This account is the opinion of the Author and has no intention to provide empirical data that will be lead to a diagnosis and or prescribed treatment.  These are personal accounts that lead up to a Surgery and for providing information on what could happen in such an event.


Photo:  My own library from an e-mail I had received.

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