If there is an answer, where would you go to find it? With each step, is there anything to learn? Step 4 of 4

Today we want to take you through the surgery and recovery period from discharge up to and getting into the Cardio Rehab Physical Therapy.

Procedure and recovery:  Well, due to an infection that had invaded my body Surgery was postponed for a few days with a stint in the ICU to concentrate on eliminating the Infection.  On the day of the surgery, we arrived at Day Surgery of the Dallas Veteran’s Medical Center, at 6:00 am for preparations for the procedure.   All went as planned with all that happens up to and including the “OR” time.  Arrival in the OR was a standard operational procedure.  Before I would look for something to remember, there was nothing.  The room was not warm and cozy.

I was having a dream about a grid, in blue in front of me.  In various areas of this grid were black dots of various sizes that appeared.  There was a lot of noise and I recall my name being shouted numerous times.  As I felt that the reality had met me what appeared in front of me was a hoard of Doctors standing at the foot of my bed and my Surgeon standing to my Left trying to get my attention.  There was not a lot of pain, other than a little discomfort in my lower right side of my back.  Other than that little moment I was a little disturbed that I was taken away from my Dream.  The first night was not too eventful as I would phase in and out with “question marks” being the main thrust of my thinking.

As each day would begin and then slowly progress with periods of sleep interrupted with awakenings for oral medicines.  They were OK because of comfort is the result of a pill or sometimes an injection. Questions of what went on during the procedure kept popping up as specific pains and discomforts would arise to cause wonder.  The standard definition of a question would be, ‘sometimes we have to position you such as to be able to move forward with the operation’.  Not a good answer, but what else could be more clear.

Each day would be a better day until a blood test or some physical set-back would crop up and show a downward trend to recovery.  In a question, of the possibilities for a setback, the mantra would be ‘well your age does not make things as simple as you would expect’.  I accepted the explanation as I am not a spring chicken.  At the end of one week in TICU, there arose a question of the status of my being released.

The day of Discharge was an extreme test of emotion.  Somewhere in the process, the body decided to not cooperate with what is to be natural.  To best explain the situation is to say the Plumbing was fine, and the Electrical system seemed to be working on random misfires.  These misfires would show up and cause the monitors to alert the Specialist that there was a communication problem.  Each event of misfire would put a damper on when there would be a discharge to go home.  The statistics are in favor of being released to you Home.  If by chance you would have the need to be released to a Medical Rehab and Nursing center, your chances of living one year would be 10%.  Those odds are not positive and you really want to GO HOME.

There is not much more to this that would be of any value, even if up to now there has been any value to this account.  To give a “Heads-up” there is a need to have a testimonial to the professional and dedicated individuals that hold you in their hands and truly have your Life as their goal in life to protect.


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Remember:  This account is the opinion of the Author and has no intention to provide empirical data that will be lead to a diagnosis and or prescribed treatment.  These are personal accounts that lead up to a Surgery and for providing information on what could happen in such an event.



Photo: John Wilson Estonia.

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