Why do what you think should happen, not be in line with what really happens? If there is a question or comment, would a request for your input be out of line?

The road back to normalcy after Heart Surgery is not simple and really requires a tremendous amount of critical thinking.  At the point of learning about what is about to happen, in the beginning, has little if any bearing on what is an expectation to what will actually happen.  I, myself thought that there would be a day of a procedure with a recovery of about three to five days.  !WRONG!  What was missed in one instance was that the body reacts to another person invading the Core, and the response is in the manner which the body sees fit.


Time in ICU:  The three to five days is not aware of the attitude of the mind as opposed to the will of the body.  There is one aspect of your body that is not accepted nor understood, in my opinion, even by the Academics.  Bear in mind that your Heart has to work properly to perform the duty that it was designed.  Pump blood throughout the Body.  The muscle will work without question.  Where the fuzzy area takes over is in the Command Center.  I feel, that this is the area that begins to provide the questions on why.  In reaction to being directed to take a break, and then asked to take over again, may cause a stubbornness, and or, even a tiny lapse of memory.  This is an essential factor, as there is an overbearing need to have that Command Center, right where it needs to function.

Mind over Matter:  I have to admit that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and bullheaded enough to not accept the truth.  I am and want to be on a continuum of positive thoughts and forward motion.  The consistent need to keep the positive thoughts in play can be a source of a letdown as the setbacks to arouse somewhat of doubt.

Physical Reaction and Acceptance:  Whatever the experience, Mind over Matter, has not a chance of being in play.  The reaction of the body and all those little control factors have to try to adapt to the situation.  In the attempt to adapting there may be a bit of Bullheadedness in play.  Any thought that your mind will triumph over the physical

Progress is not constant:  As you move from one day to another, you can feel the healing and recovery progressing.  Each day seems to be an improvement for the day before and that is what you keep telling yourself.  Then the doctors visit to let you that there is a glitch somewhere and you almost go back to go.  The information that you are given is offered in a positive way and then the caveat that there may be a chance of a negative outcome or a setback or a change to medication.  This is what you may have to look forward to each time you wake up.

Overcoming the Obvious:  There is no better way to explain the trek to a day of discharge.  There are good days and there are not so good days.  The same is with being home and things seem to be working out and you feel strong as an Ox, then the next day arrives with you in it, feeling like after kissing a truck at 30 MPH.  To overcome the situation is to repeat after me; “This is only temporary.  That will help you through the entire ordeal.

Accepting the Truth:  Key factors to accepting the truth is your willingness to allow Faith to act as your guide.  There are so many events that require your need to be apprehensive.  Recovery may not be the best time to not have faith.  Understanding that you are a part of the lives of all that know and love you and you need to be there for their solace.

As mentioned before this is nothing more than the rants of a highly opinionated individual that lives to be an inspiration to others.  Not to think that I am the only one to carry them through, but to know that they are there to inspire you.

If there is a question or comment, would a request for your input be out of line?



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14 thoughts on “Why do what you think should happen, not be in line with what really happens? If there is a question or comment, would a request for your input be out of line?

      1. Roo, I was being a little flippant with my response. I would never think that you would not be sincere. If we play, we play, and not be too soft skinned. You are FINE in my book. With Love. John

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  1. There is a lot of power in the things that we choose to repeat to ourselves especially when we are trying to heal. It is great that on a not so good day you are practising telling yourself things like, “This is only temporary.” I am reading a book that talks about removing the effect of any ailment big or small by saying, “It is nothing.”

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  2. *This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want?HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!


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