Why would anyone want to thank others for being a part of their accomplishments? After all, the only things others do is support you.

In this day in age, we seem to be all caught up in what is happening that offends us.  Or we do not allow others to have an opinion that does not fall into our thinking, because their opinion may allow someone else to agree with them.  If by chance, you feel that other opinions are toxic, your thinking is not in line with what is truly REAL.


The reason for this post is to pay homage to those who read, follow, and leave comments to these posts.  There are not enough opportunities to offer credit to those who actually have contributed to any success acquired.  If you by chance do not leave some recognition to those who have put you where you are, you may be missing a great opening for stroking a few Egos.  With my opinion posted there needs to be an effort to give you, the reader, credit for being here at this time.  Even you, if you are a first-timer, are worthy of all of my respect and humility.


With opinions, many feel that they need to not make waves with those who do not agree or those who you do not know.  If by chance you feel that their reaction to your words is not agreeable, there may have been one or more elements of your thoughts that spurred a thought of either agreement or ire.  Either means may allow each of you to think about the subject and maybe alter your or even their position.


Are you one of the many who wonders about the meaning behind all this?  Do not feel as though you are alone.  I even am in wonder of my actions.  Today in reading the few people I follow and read their posts each day I realized that they have my utmost respect and Love for the contributions that they offer to my life.  At the same time, I have a great deal of gratitude for their efforts to spending time reading the rantings of a simple man.  How many times have you been in the situation that you needed to show gratitude and was at a loss for acting on your feeling?  There, that is where I stand at this moment.  For lack of better words, Thank you for your taking the time.  As time is precious and needs not to be squandered, you may gain by just taking time to consider how others have enriched your life.


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12 thoughts on “Why would anyone want to thank others for being a part of their accomplishments? After all, the only things others do is support you.

  1. Great post. The reason… to learn. I learn from about any blog I read whether I agree or disagree. Some are very thoughtful and some like mine are trivial but that is alright. The key is we never stop learning.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. My goal is to never stop learning. Your Blog is not trivial, but it does offer insights to Trivia. I love that. You write about things that I have been involved in but never thought to be noteworthy. Thanks for bringing it all to light.

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