How are you with what is important? Why not take the chance to get it right?

Current Events, where will it take us.

In today’s World, we have the tendency to allow the happenings that “snatch our drawers” to control the outcome of our day.  Those things are done by people who seek dominion for the very reason that you are affected.   Simply put they win you over.  We tend to believe a lie when constantly offered as fact to consider.  When I hear things offered as a way of life with no explanation of why or reason there is a little defense barrier that appears to regain rational thinking.  We today have moved to be in acceptance of many issues based on the fact that we have been “educated to not think for ourselves” therefore, rational thinking is null and void.

For as long as I have been able to experience and evaluate that certain experiences were positive or negative, I have been bombarded with “scholars’ interpretation” of what has happened thousands of years ago and is relevant today.  I agree with that which they profess with great reservation to their efforts to offer support, then present an opinion.  We are all capable of the research needed to offer an alternative yet we are not motivated to proceed to a conclusion that would be acceptable with others.  The word “acceptable” is not to be defined as “agreeable”.

In a method of keeping dialog alive, you need to make statements in question form that requires more conversation.  When the issue is reaching the point of the beginning learn to ask the pointed question the requires definition in “Yes” or “No”.  Time to move on to another issue.

Current events:  In today’s “News Cycle” are not as much News, as they are opinion and interpretation, all based on one central narrative that you, the receiver, are not capable of reasonable thinking.  As presented all this appears as “scholars’ interpretation”.  The problem arises when the lack of historical data is replaced with an abundance of opinion and conjecture.

History has offered answers to all the possible scenarios.  The onus is upon us to keep that which is important, real.  And, today is not real.


There is a manner at which all of the above can be refuted.

  • By what means would you use to be most effective?
  • Do you agree?

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