Why would you take the time to read This? Man, may not out-survive this Earth.

Somehow, there seems to be the notion that the existence of Man is going to cause the end of this earth.  Is there an answer to provide data based on true history and data other than a series of the computer-generated scenarios using data that is based on “What if”.  Now, cut me some slack, as we are able to experience minute differences in weather patterns over the years.  Keep in mind that the record that is available is over only about 150 year period in relation to the Billions of years from that which we can surmise to be the beginning.  We acknowledge the Science of Climate Change as though we should refer to the effects of the behavior of Man to make significant alterations to the reaction of the Earth to such behaviors.  In an effort to gain some understanding, questions arise that create a need for definitions that facilitate convenience.

  • Is there a negative result in having a warmer climate?  

If we were able to have more land mass, there may be more area to grow crops to feed the masses of the Earth.

  • How has our Planet survived all the events of Disaster and near destruction?

There seems to be a Cult mentality that promotes the notion that Man is in control of the Earth.  The Earth has a better survival story that dwarfs the time to depict the existence of Man.

  • Why is Carbon Dioxide a villain?

At one time it was understood that plants utilize Carbon Dioxide to survive and emit Oxygen to be utilized by Man and his tools of survival.

If one were to try to make any sense of all the chatter on the subject, the difficulty in understanding would be held in contempt of those who would try to convince a person that the Earth is a living entity, with a means of affecting its own outcome.

If you have made it this far into this post, you may have been affected by the content of what is on this page.  Without any doubt, there may have been a moment of clarity and common sense.


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