Is there a problem with your opinion? Or is Education trying to meet the needs of itself and not meeting the needs of Society?

Here we are in the Twenty-first Century with no evidence that we have progressed to being better Human beings.  The following rant is the thought thread that seems to see that our efforts have not been in vain, yet far from the notion that Humans are better because of themselves.

At the instant, that Man noticed the need for order and definition in meeting the needs of the future of Mankind, the inherent need to foster dominion over others became the manner of which to proceed.  This concept is only natural and is within a parameter of expediency.  As Man began to expand his family, finding the need to not intermarry with kin, there was a clash of Culture that entered into that which would govern the individual and the ever-diverse dynamic of the family.  From the family, this identical clash became a factor in the ever-growing society.

Interest in Feeling:

  • Is a feeling a realization that something must have action?
  • Does personal feeling have needs for action, but not to fall on the universe.
  • Is there a way to separate Feeling from Emotion?

Have you ever looked at another, and wondered what is going on in their head?  Soon after this pops up in my mind, I soon find the need to close out the spoken word and search for meaning with a Higher Being.  The reasoning is to keep my ego in check in hopes that others will realize the calming effect of the exercise.  Where would be the insanity in trying this the next time you are experiencing an other’s need to involve you in their emotional trauma?


In observation of Society and the ones that have convinced others to admire them for their leadership, there is a void in the understanding that education had any bearing on the process of solving problems.  There has been a number of individuals that have surfaced who believe that history has no place in molding the future.  And at the same time, these same individuals will not entertain the notion that there is an opposition.  And if there is opposition, there should be no acknowledgment that anything that opposes should be eradicated and defamed.

Where does this lead to?  In the simplest of terms, nowhere.  Those who have convinced others to admire their leadership have confined their world to only those who will agree with them and not challenge them on fact or truth.

The fact that the diversity of thought is not diversity, but, discrimination.  The worst form, that of having a dislike for those who oppose.





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7 thoughts on “Is there a problem with your opinion? Or is Education trying to meet the needs of itself and not meeting the needs of Society?

  1. Many people in their own lives surround themselves with “yes” people. And there are a billion narcissists running around in the world and we all know a narcissist can’t change.


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