Is there a problem with your opinion? Or is Government trying to meet the needs of itself and not meeting the needs of Society? 1. Where do you see the truth?

  • This post has been sitting in our drafts from May 3, 2019.
  • We will not add much content as the premise is on-going and will not find resolve until there is either a truce or the absence of either group.
  • Whether your perspective is from outside looking in, or finding it to be a part of your life.
  • Will you be able to relate?

First off, I need to let you know that this is my opinion.  There seems to be an abundance of misinformation being presented by whomever to be disguised as Truth, when in fact many allegations are nothing more than partial rhetoric mixed in with declarations of feeling.

In the United States, there is a battle between the two political groups that have expressed a sacred vow to protect and serve the citizens they represent and to uphold the rules stated within the document of our government, that was the basis of the founding of The United States of America.  We find today that between the two factions there are two points that oppose one another.

One of the groups professes that there is a moral issue that seems to be based not on fact but on an opinion or feeling.  The narrative presented seems to have no focus and changes on a daily basis.

The other faction is deeply rooted in what they call the purpose of there existence.  The purpose is to affect the lives of the populous that agreed to support and accept the points of the document that they accepted to live by as the Law of the Land.

When will you feel that a choice has to be made, with earnest, in regard to how your life will be affected by the premise of either side?



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