SPAM: Is There Gold here? An exercise that may be.

HELLO.  After a little rest and reflection, there seems to be a little more in here to be released.  Therefore I am attempting to bring it out for you to see.  First, there is a need for an explanation of the dead-space.  In October of  2018, I received a gift.  That was a new Aorta Valve.  The truth is there was no real indication of problems, other than having to compensate for a growing sense of tiredness.  As the aging process evolved there seemed to be a greater need to push a little harder to accomplish everyday tasks.  When the time for surgery approached the realization of decline.  Needless to say, that realization brought about a need to sluff it off and go on.

After the surgery and a short period of recovery, there were changes taking place that were not expected.  The general quality of life improved.  That was not where the desire left this mind.

Friday the 13th:  I am not sure of the facts, but 2019 seemed to be the year that revealed more Friday the 13ths than other years.  Squelch that one there are only two.  September was the first and that day I received news that I was not as healthy as I  thought.  I have been a fog for a couple of months but decided to step out and try to change the scenery.

Even during the Foggy time, I did visit WordPress to stay current with what all of you were sharing and imparting knowledge.  I can’t say I am out of the Funk, but I am striving to meet the minimum.

That brings on the main topic of SPAM.  SPAM is a pain if you let it.  In my mind, there is a chance to explore something different to look at a positive angle to the dreaded unwanted E-mail.  At one time there were about 2500 messages in the Administrator for the website.   There are practices that make you a better blogger.  There are enough sites on WordPress that offer you advice on how to be a better blogger. I like to keep it simple and hold onto the little things that keep others feel invited.

  1. Send a Thank you to everyone who follows.
  2. When making comments, keep it positive.  Injecting humor does not hurt.
  3. Invite all to make comments. 
  4. Review the SPAM.

The first three are self-explanatory and just good manners.  The SPAM is what takes time to choose who to keep and who to allow a little space.  If you see that the same site is leaving the same message or different messages I have found that some bloggers use Bots to get their message out.  I really try to stop those from coming back as they junk up your good comments.

I  want to thank you all for taking the time to look at this, with a desire to experience better things in the future.

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PHOTO: Inside Tivoli Gardens, 2016


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