So this is Christmas? Do you have any doubts?

There seems to be a hidden rule that compels me to post some sort of a Christmas Message.  Many individuals have a little slanted and Weird view on most aspects of life, and The Seasons do not escape that warped mind.

Today in the State of Texas in the United States of America, the weather is not quite so Christmasy.  It has been Cold up to today yet the warmth takes away the feeling like a cold wave at the beach. If the weather should change opinions of the Season there is not much reason to remember and celebrate.

Now the weird. 

To adopt the notion that Life is such a gift that there is not the need for a special day that would enhance it’s value to society.  There is a little madness to this for some and an appreciation that necessitates an acknowledgment of those other positions.  The deep-seated aspect is all those who are a part of an individual’s life, no matter how far removed, is where thoughts need to be centered.

This being the case, is the value of taking concerns to the Creator in prayer better served to include all of those who live here on earth?  Would there be a need to have known some and have concern for many others?  Reflection on the past may bring about the notion that we as individuals are more important than others.  A mantra for one to remember is that an individual may not hold a place of importance if others are not part of the evaluation of that individual.

There seems to be a mindset at this time of the year when the buzz it to Love one-another, Spread Good-Will to those around you, and remember that those in the past have left you with a legacy to uphold and carry on to the next generations.  In reality, the chance that one would hold those thoughts true, are matters of vertue.  The natural behavior seems to be “Back to Normal”, and the self becomes the center of the Universe.

Is there is a message to all? Each aspect of all cultures has a need to provide to the future an event that sustains the root of the Culture itself.  The need to chronical all the variances is futile and there may be one that is important to readers and that would be disrespectful to those individuals.  Where the message becomes a little askew is a need by those of “The Now” to offer a “sidespin” which allows evidence to the importance of a variation equal to that of the past.

On a personal note:

At this Christmas time, the need to remember that, out of innocence there is a culture that celebrates the Birth of the One that is Christianity.  To all of you who have visited, read, commented and even followed this Blog site we are honored with your presence.  May you and yours have the best of days into the next year.  It has been an honor for me to have your attention.


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