Why is there so much fear? The World is fine in its natural state. Tomorrow the answer?

In the current state of the arena of importance, there seems to be a very self-centered view of what is important.  Could one have imagined in the 1950s that there would be individuals who think that their opinion was the norm of the Mainstream?  From the beginning of time “Man” has looked for another to offer them guidance and an avenue to righteousness.  Is this the time when the tenets of how free people should think are in direct conflict with that which they believed was the path to freedom?  The whole idea of the Western World was to separate from the norm of Monarchy while allowing each individual to explore their own path of success.

In order to facilitate the idea of the United States of America, the funding was predicated by the people, in the New World to set up their colony of the Queen as a Socialist way of life.  (The classic concept of having dominion over others.)  The New World was founded by honorable people who stood by their word and followed the suggestion of their financiers.  Within a year and a point of failure in this experiment, measures had to be taken to ensure the survival of the participants of the cause.  Therefore the Fairness of Socialism was exchanged for the Equality of Capitalism.   Further explanation of this change would be mute.

We, here in 2020 are experiencing the fierce and failed attempt to bring the United States to becoming a Socialist State and to take away many of the Freedoms that were assumed by the Founders.  One might ask if there is an ounce of common sense attached to this bend towards a society of “ungrateful wards of the State”.

Where is this going?  There are a few questions that need to be aired, opined upon with an attempt to devise a solution acceptable by most.

  • Will, there be a need for respect for others in order to help all to understand?
  • Is the need for everyone to have all equal power necessary?
  • Is there a need for a Body Guard of Lies needed to protect the Truth?
  • Are there any issues that may not have enough empirical data or practical application to deem worthy of attention?
  • Is the forecast on the future of this Earth supported by any information that is not computer-generated?
  • Is there any merit to understanding?

If there is a time in History for putting on your Big Girl or Boy Pants, now may be the time.


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6 thoughts on “Why is there so much fear? The World is fine in its natural state. Tomorrow the answer?

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