YOU ARE AMAZING! When does one do what you ask them to do? Thank You.

Welcome to my Blogsite.  I try to get the readers to think and maybe respond to what stupid thing I may have posted for your entertainment.  I am so honored that there was an actual comment that was the effect of thinking about the questions.
The following is the comment(s) that offers a position that would be that of a real thinker.


My submission:
Q1. Where a concept has failed to survive in the past, How is it going to succeed now, using the same processes?
A1: It can’t.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein

Q2. Why do certain ideas need to be repeated, constantly, if they have no merit to maintain sustenance?
A2. To sustain the art of advertising, which depends upon repetition in order to encourage people to buy things that they don’t want.
Q3. Are there really people alive today that feel that they need to be in control of all that is of the Universe?
A3. Yes. They’re called ‘bankers’.
Q4. Are you the result of a Creator, or is the Creator your concept of being?
A4. No.
Q5. Which part of doing the right thing needs to be an exercise to making a judgment on other people?
A5. I’m not sure I understand the question, but I’ll hazard a guess that ‘doing the right thing’ can never involve being judgmental of others, by definition.
Ah, I missed question 6 ‘Will I be the person I want to be this year?’. Answer: probably not, but I always try to be that.
This was so refreshing for me that I was compelled to share these comments.  It is very difficult to author a Blogsite and get to the point to have a response from any reader that rose to the level like pendantry.  
Moving forward, I will be honored to share any other Comments that offer a point of view.
As a Blogger of about 4 years, I have found that to share your thoughts and get a response is a milestone in “Blogdom”.  I would feel that the only other milestone would be for another Blogger to ReBlog you.
PHOTO:  From the my private gallery from a trip to Rome Italy.

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