Is the New Hate just the old jealous envy? Where do they go to save face?

In the United States, there is an epidemic that has only one cure.  Throughout the World, the cure is the action that may result in a physical protest.  The Founders of this Republic envisioned actions, by those citizens to ensure that a given day they could choose the course of cure that would be as effective as a  protest and requires only a pen or in modern times, moving of a lever to project a cure.

We have political leaders that seem to have given themselves the title to Royalty.  They launch their careers with virtue and honor in an effort to be the servant to the people they claim to represent.  Those who have survived opponents, over the years, keep on hand a mantra that is designed to hold those opponents “at bay” but also to keep the new colleagues under the cover that they should not step out too far and upset the status quo.

For me to assume that you think me an expert, I only have an opinion that views those with vast experience have taken upon themselves the role of saviors of the Republic and guardian of all that is pure and just.  With that in mind,  there seems to be a separation between that which is important to the individual and that which is the will of the people he or she may represent.

Although the actions of the representative group, do not give a clear factual premise to their opposition to the will of the people, they do have a firm dislike for a person that did arrive on the scene as a concerned citizen with an aversion to the actions of those who deemed themselves as the ruling class.  To add to the purpose of being the choice of the people, the launching of the plight was filled with virtue and honor with acceptance to service.  That one adjoining trait is where misunderstanding does loose touch with reality.  

The one thing that persists is that with all the claims, of misconduct by the Royalty, seem to match the process of action that they are performing in their presentation of “fact”.  If one were to follow the process of making a case, each point of accusal in the manner that they are presenting each point of the indictments.



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4 thoughts on “Is the New Hate just the old jealous envy? Where do they go to save face?

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