Why Hate? The mentally blind seem to find this becoming.

To all those who visit, read, or follow this blog site, I am totally grateful for your presence here as well as your comments or opinions.  This is not a very popular site as there is not much information to be found other than the opinion of an old man with some attitude.  I feel that it is most important to share with you that I am truly humbled by your acceptance of the content of this Blog Site.

Today this segment is for those that are NOT citizens of the United States of America.  From my limited exposure to what goes on outside the USA, I feel that you may be getting a very tainted view of what many of “We the People”.

There are people that have gained a position of respect and have been elusive to their real feelings and regard to that of being an American.  What is nice about The United States of America, is that you as a Citizen can have any opinion of any topic.  Where the problems to arise is when what you have stood for in the past have not been honest with their true feelings and have been pandering to their constituents to gain more power and acceptance from those who would be a supporter.

With the news outlets throughout the World, as they are, there is one that seems to have a strong-hold on an audience that would believe that what is broadcast is the truth.  The accounts that they air to the all, an opinion, and should be due scrutiny.

I do love the United States of America and with all her flaws, to me, is that greatest place to live and raise a family.  This is as it should be with anyone.  There is never a bad place to live if you believe that you are where you want to be. Here in the United States, our representation of the governing body is through elections.  At the time of casting your vote, you need to be certain that your choice is in line with, not only, what you believe, but also how you putting your support to the individual will be that which will be equally true to the beliefs of your community.

I find that any person that sees that their country is “Fundamentally Flawed” and needs to be changed, may want to leave, in search of a way of life that is in a country that is better suited for their happiness.

The same concept to experience a “way of life” is found in those who emigrate from their homeland and seek their choices to live in another country.  It is best to understand that being in a new country is your choice and you need to find the strength to assimilate to the new country.  As one who seeks a better life needs not be dedicated to changing their new country.  To do that one must possess courage and that kind of courage should be spent on changing your homeland to what your feel is the best for you and your community.

To facilitate change, one must acquire power.  If you wish to change something strive to gain power and lead others to support you.  If this is not possible, then survive within the confines of your own world.

What does all this have to do with HATE?  Everything.

Do you believe that there is a better way of life?  Why not find a way to better your life in service to others?  How would you like someone else to change your way of living that is not in harmony with what you feel is right?


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14 thoughts on “Why Hate? The mentally blind seem to find this becoming.

    1. Thank you and how kind of you. You are right that I am only maxing out in years of life. However, I am a Teenager or maybe a young adult in my mind. I am like a passage from the Bible. When old men dream dreams. My youth is grounded in your being. Much love.

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  1. … any person that sees that their country is “Fundamentally Flawed” and needs to be changed, may want to leave, in search of a way of life that is in a country that is better suited for their happiness

    At the risk of seeming to be argumentative:
    1. Not everyone has the resources to make such a move
    2. (possibly a reductio ad absurdum) Were everyone that was unhappy with where fate had set them down on the planet to up and move, that place would end up filled with folks who were perfectly happy with the way things were, and would thus stagnate as no change would be possible


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