What will it take to cope? Where could you find an answer?

There may be something amiss with the world. There are a few individuals that feel that compromise is a sign of weakness. At this point, they stand on their theory that if there is any opposition to their sense of purpose the opposing party must be erased. There was a time when many in this World believed in Peace among all who live on this Earth.

The memory of society has a short and shaky existence. If a person was born twenty years ago, they would have missed many “life learned” events that could affect their thinking and at the same time allow them to utilize some common sense. Now, that would only be true if there was not a faction of the elite who believe reality is much too harsh and all facts need to be adjusted to meet a false comfort zone. By this group and the need to control information has created a new way of thinking. This being a premise to redefine the use of language to ensure that there be no chance of upsetting those who need to be protected from reality. To simplify this would be to define “Common Sense” as an action that would not offend the society that needs to be controlled.

The glory of being seasoned and having lived more than fifty years is that along with a strong “moral” compass, the use of common sense is easy and allows one to see into the reality of what the unreal has to offer. Copping with the unreal is an art of listening, savoring, and analyzing the facts that meet the meaning of truth. If a substitute for Truth does not include facts there is no need for information. As one digests the News there must be a shield that will protect you from believing that which is made up and presented as fact.

Yes, there is much here that should be presented with more clarity yet you, the reader may want to form your own opinion to the text.

The hard work begins now with “what to do” with all this information. As with any situation that requires an opinion a few issues need to be considered in separating the “made up” truth and that which seems to be based on “truth”. There are many aspects of a situation that just don’t meet a “smell test” to allow a fact to be seen or perceived. Once you have thought through the facts and information you may need to extract all the information that was added as embellishments to incite fear and consternation.

If one were to allow the information considered to bring about fear, faith needs to guide you out of the realm of the unknown.  When we allow the unknown to distract us from the truth we begin to conger up varied scenarios there may be a heightening of fear and there may be the problem of adding to the confusion that allows doubt.  With that phenomenon, there is despair and a sense of no need to carry on. 

We are important to others and they depend upon us to be there for them.  If we allow our lack of faith in being protected take precedence we loose site of the big picture. 

Whatever happens Do not loose the Big Picture.


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