Words have meaning. Should redefinitions of today be based on feeling?

As we have developed and evolved into the society that we profess to espouse, is the trend to redefine word meaning and context be based on how we feel as opposed to the true meaning of words based on fact of origin? The fact that someone, on a daily bases, seems to have a need to help us along with how we should relate and associate words with how they feel about the world and their own lack of fitting in.

In this part of the World there are groups of people that are lashing out as their response to that which is fact and reality. As a result of the reaction to that which “is” and that which they feel should be “is”, the need to transfer all that is frustrating to actions that are physical and destructive. There has been a movement to eliminate the fact about our basic attempt to live within Freedom. The notion of this Freedom may be supported with the existence of an assemblage of individuals who believed a society would embrace an experiment of total understanding to the rights of others. In order to promote actions that are responsible and yet would not infringe upon the freedoms beyond one’s own space the assemblage embrace the tenants of the The Holy Bible, which had become a guide to the Western World as acceptable Moral behavior. It should only be fitting that this be the basis of this experiment to continue.

Where this new norm, which is extremally abnormal, has gained acceptance is through a derisive action employed by groups that abhors the concept of Freedom and is determined to eliminate the concept and those individuals who have accepted the responsibility of their actions. Each day begins with the Sun appearing in the east to only pass through to the West where those who experience the event are chided by the defining body for having lived on this Earth not embracing their plight and definition of terms.

If, by some reason, you have been blessed to breath the gasses that are provided by plant should not be belittled for expelling the gasses that plants require to exist. Is there a definition of co-habiting that does not need to have a greater importance to some and not all? All individuals are essential for the existence of other individuals. Why not allow all thoughts have a place without a self-impose attack? Are Thoughts Weapons?

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Photo: The Mediterranean trip 2012


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