Yes, Is this Christmas?

We are using this day for our Christmas Message on Christmas Eve to honor our family members who live in Sweden. The tradition of celebration in Sweden is on Christmas Eve. The day begins with a big Breakfast and the last minute preparation for the day. Then about noon the family gathers around the Television to view Holiday fare of Cartoons and Christmas Classic Movies. Old and early Disney Cartoons and movies are run during the day, and the same run each year, year after year. During this time all members view and comment on the action and usually there are discussions on all the times of the past that the family had viewed many times as a celebratory activity. These video presentations continue until about 3 PM. As in winter inside the Artic Circle the Sun has fallen below the Horizon and Darkness prevails. This is the time that the family exchanges one gift and then it is time to sit and eat a large meal of all the Swedish delights and Culinary fare. If by chance you are wondering what happens on the television, you can hone in on the Lotto Numbers being drawn for a few hours. For our family the Tele is turned off and we concentrate on eating. At the end of Dinner, we clean up the dishes, store the food for shacks later and retire to the main room to open the rest of the gifts and drink a little Grog and eat cookies and maybe a little dessert.

On Christmas morning, the festivities resume with doing it all over again without the Television watching. This is so cool as the Children literally experience two Christmases.

To put this all in perspective the Joy of Christmas is that which gives meaning to all we do to live in the moment. We are bound by the fact that life is the continuous action of Loving one another and working towards holding onto the happiness and respect and that we are all here for a purpose. Where all this gets lost and mixed up is when some individuals refuse to acknowledge that there are two ways of being in this World as opposed to being of this World.

If there was a wish for the future there should be the understanding that we are all here to serve others. And in that service to others the key would be to allow others to have their opinion without a moral judgment of where one stands on any subject. Peace and Good Will to all.



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