Are you willing to give Faith a chance? Are we leading ourselves to loosing the meaning?

The year 2020 is leaning into the past and with most people relieved that “this bad year is gone”. Will this allow the past to stay in the past? As a person that dabbles in thinking join in on a journey of thoughts for strength and understanding.

There are many events that contributed to the year 2020 to be memorable in devastating terms. In retrospect there is little question on the manner the Covid 19 pandemic concept had evolved, expanded and then panic created by hyperbolae. Those who have suffered damaged due to the Pandemic the pain is not only felt by others in the World, but have devastated all lives and livelihoods. The bulk of damage has been revealed yet there will be more in differing effects that will appear for many years. If one were to make any assessments of the effects there is one aspect that needs to be at the forefront to survival to ensure a positive result. Faith is the human endeavor that will allow any person to seek and observe the good related to the experience as well as adding and supporting an act of Faith.

The following words will be purely the ramblings of a troubled mind that holds true to the effects on life and the future of that life faith holds, as a gel, the value to continue with that which deems possible and positive.

Faith is the understanding that there is little that can harm your being. Faith is also the understanding that your Creator has a plan for your being and you will be protected from all adversaries for the period of time that you continue to listen to the guidance and advice of that Creator. Having knowledge of this concept and continuing the grasp of the facts will be proof that Faith is a real and tangible activity. There is information that seems to have merit, yet when analyzed and revisited the reality seems to have questions of validity presented in the delivery of the “facts”. All too often the confusion does make for interesting revelations.

When it seems that the act of living allow a spark of doubt to your thinking, allow the act of Faith to bear the fruits of the efforts.

You may find that life is much easier with a little Faith.



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