Is all that is good the answer to a systemic problem? An open letter to Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America, 2016-2024. Last four in absentia.

Mr. President, I write this to you, not as a supporter, but as an American raised with a sense between good and evil. Within that sense, there is also the knowledge that Good will always prevail and not within any timeline that is desired. WE the people need to hold that to be true and steadfast. If there is any word that is the definition of Evil you have been awarded that name. The sad fact is that whatever word had to be redefined by the caller and therefore had no truth behind the accusation. In the redefinition, those of the opposition truly allow many of your supporters to recognize EVIL.

You have reacted to that which has been said about you with the varied manner of actions and forms of communication. For the most part, very few truly understood your actions nor where they prepared for your intent, and in that they reacted, just as you desired. You are the master of “SWAY” which is the basis of the HATRED toward you and they will find that to be most perplexing.

With Brotherly Love, Respect for the Constitution of the United States of America, and Faith in our Nation’s Founding there is a need to stand by you. The future of this Great Nation is hinged on support for your definition of Democracy and not that which is the jaded definition of those who will use persecution as the standard of Good. There is a term that is used to explain those citizens that believe in the “Hallowed Experiment in Governing”. Your opposition believes that you have started a Cult. Yes, I agree that the cult you have given birth to is the Cult of Hatred toward you. Those who follow you and believe in your actions are in the best interest of the People who have not had a champion for many years, are not a cult, they are the foundation for the concept that Man can govern themselves.

As the champion of the people, you have exposed your opposition to their lack of Faith. Faith is armor against fear. Their fear is not that of you but of the shallowness and weakness of all that they believe to be self-evident. To define the differences between you and your opponents is you seek to govern the people, and they strive to control the people.  There is proof for this thought by reviewing the past and how they have adopted laws and regulations that impugned the individual.  You as a man of honor have held to your convictions that those who wish to govern have done so with impunity to those who they wish to control.

The supporters of your Presidency are not sheep that follow you. You have taken what we have been forced to believe the emotion of Hope and the promise of Change have become a real Change not promised. And now we have learned that we need not have fear of no Hope.

Mr. Trump, these last four years have been unique in so many ways that there is no chance to list all the events to honor their significance. You were you. We may not have agreed with your delivery, yet on the other hand, we have not been able to dispute any of the causes you took onto your shoulders. We will keep you in our hearts for the remainder of a second term that should have been. Your efforts to serve the People of the United States had frightened your opposition to the point of desperation.

God Bless you, and God Bless the United States of America.



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