It seems to be a divide between fact and feeling. What is the Question?

Have you ever had your life filled with so much dribble that you could just scream? This is the week that has gone full circle and exploded in my mind.

In reading and listening to many news accounts and expressed opinions of many I have come to the conclusion that most people are either not learning facts of they feel that their feelings should become “fact” in the lives of all others. This week there was a message that informed the masses that several States of the United States of America, (states governed by Republican Governors) were enacting Laws that infringed upon their states’ Voters’ rights.

Try to envision a person with many years living, in an attempt to hold true that which was taught to them in school and that which others have concluded to be truth that they had been given in school. If you see the two people as the same you have missed out on the difference between education and indoctrination. The practice of indoctrination has been the main thrust of education beginning in the 1950s. My first experience was with having my Polio Vaccination and Dr. Jonas Sulk putting it into my left arm.

Now, getting back to the subject, Voters Rights need to be viewed as what they really are, “Privileges”. As has been learned Rights are given to Legal Citizens. The concept of voting privilege is casting a vote (one per citizen) in an election requiring an opportunity to view ones desire to the outcome. The outcome of an election granted to the issue or person being given the most votes in local and state elections and in the case of a Presidential election based on the states electoral vote count. To have a privilege to vote also requires that the legal citizen be alive.

All legal citizen have the privilege to vote within the time period so posted by the electoral board of the local government. There are no longer laws that restrict any legal, registered citizen from expressing their desire at the Polls.

If by chance there are views that want the public to believe that a person who votes has the right will only be trying to issue a feeling as fact. The privilege to vote is given only to those who are legal citizens in good standing with the community. A restriction to the privilege to vote is if you are not a felon, you are allowed to vote.

This is an opinion of this person, based on the understanding of the long-standing set of rules that keep those who live in the United States of America free and able to live in a sense of Freedom.


2 thoughts on “It seems to be a divide between fact and feeling. What is the Question?

    1. If by chance the vote did not count, there would be only one faction that would support and allow that to happen. The founders understood the nature of Man that they developed the electoral college system to choose a Presidential Candidate to reflect the will of the people. Without the Electoral College, a President would be chosen by voters from three cities of the United States to reflect the will of a small portion of the population. We, being the United States of America. have adopted a process that will reflect the will of those voters who tend to agree on what is best for the country and not the most vocal of their ideology. Keeping in mind that equity, equality, and fairness should be the driver of the current system holding true to the fact that only Living, Legal, Non-Felon Citizens are allowed to Vote Once and Only Once. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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