Ramdom Stupid Thoughts: 1 Have you had a problem with Reality?

Today, there is a very odd series of events that really seems SURREAL. We have lived in this World for many years and have never seen anything that will meet with the same premise other than Insanity. We are living in a World that the New Elite have made their feelings to become that which is the norm for all the citizens of the Earth must live by the “made-up” reality of their sense of loss and a perceived understanding of Status. There was a time when Education and Learning meant that there was a standard for communication by the written word would meet that standard of trusted information that would stand the test of proof. Today this is not the standard that a very small group of intellectuals do not adhere to and feels that their position should become accepted by the entire World.

Are you interested in surviving this unorthodox premise? There is an exercise that may assist you in putting all this weirdness in reality. Just live by the fact that all that you experience is not real and does not exist. You may find yourself being able to put all this into a viable perspective.

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