More Random Stupid Thoughts: Are there some facts that are askew?

In this day in age we are bombarded with information from almost too many angles. When reading or even listening to reports one has to make choices in regard to what information meets any relation to facts or is a series of sentences that are designed to bend your thinking that “this is real and presented as factual”. The answer is there and your prerogative to decide what makes you feel comfortable or that appears to be tied to an empirical set of facts and premises.

If you are one that has been on this Earth for any length of time you are familiar and at ease with conventional news media outlets. The Educational system of the World has produced a vast array of individuals that were not schooled in the great responsibility not to offer an opinion as fact and even to know the difference. When the internet allowed people to perceive the notion of becoming famous and being “liked” would make their lives easier and the fame would somehow make them rich, famous, and satisfied. Now, here is where it is important (im-por-tant not imp-or-ant. ??) to keep all things in perspective.

There are no laws against you being offended or your feelings being bumped a little. You tend to bring onto yourself reactions from others by how you act and react. All reactions or actions are not always right and with most situations should be put in the past right then. But, when a reaction creates a situation that one person looses a job or is stalked killed by a do-gooder, or has to spend the rest of their lives in seclusion, that is when there needs to be a little common sense enacted to put a calmness and end to getting the wrong people aware and entuned to an event. There has been instances where a person’s live has been ruined due to another person having been approach in reaction to behavior.

There has been many persons who have been made quite clear that they reacted on the internet to an incident that was not right nor was it appropriate to take things as far as they went. Frankly, there is no guarantee anything would go virial or just sit in internet waiting. But if anything should make it to being virial, one must keep in mind that they are not immune to the exact same situation arising in the future to find themselves in a similar situation. There are consequences attached to whatever transpired and of course the fall out that would happen could be using the narrative of a past conversation that made a hurt individual comment on the action of another person. There could be no greater justice that to use your own words as an indictment .


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