PATRIOTISM: It is the right and duty of all Americans to stand up against what is really wrong. Who would like to join me?

I have remained somewhat silent with regards to what has been transpiring with the Politics of our country.  And for the most part I have kept to myself with my opinions.  Today may be different from other days and I am looking for a pass on my need to put forth a little emphasis on “where I stand on the issues”.  All I ask as a reader is to allow me to vent, be understanding, if you are offended, I can’t apologize, and feel free to vent any feeling that you may have on this subject in the form of a comment.

The News Media has been the driver providing information on what is known to be “TRUTH”. This information has been presented as truth, however, there has been tiny nuances imbedded that resemble solid opinions with “wordsmithing” used to provide an appearance of truth. What keeps creeping up in my mind as I process these events is that there is no back up nor reference to a smidgen of fact. In short there is a huge amount of trickery that happens when verbal actions are constructed to appear to be the opposite of what is being presented. With this being the “NORM” the persons that have been elected to “represent” the people can use these presentations of News to build upon this information and put justification to their position and move forward as they wish. This is know to them as “Power”. The use of this Power is that which is used as a means to gain Control. Now, with all that behind, time to get to the real issue.

Power and Control are words that are perceived as having a similar meaning. A person with Power can and will try to affect your actions and perception of them. That is only if you allow them to use that that power. Control is the actions which affect your behavior in the attempt to agree with those trying to control you. With either word, you will need to comply with those in power with the need to control for them to be able to use their perceived power.

There are many years of experiences that have allowed me to walk this Earth. The only truth that I am aware is that there is the concept that we are the product of a Creator. All that we are able to see, feel, hear, smell, or think of are all products of this one Creator. This Creator has the ultimate in Power, and as far as I can surmise is that the power is Love for all that has been created. Love will make many things most important of all there is. Now Control is what is ultimate with this Creator. The control is that of the Humans that inhabit this Earth. Each creature that roams the Earth are here to enjoy and love all that is available to them. As a few may think that they are in control there are many more that will not allow them to take things too far in any direction.

Now is the time for the many others to put an end to the few that feel that all the Earth will be a place to find ways to have what was Created for the pleasure of the inhabitants to pay them for the use of what is ours to share. You as a human need not to be a slave to those who want to control you and your activities. What is there is not for some to control. May we find a way to turn this World around for the Peace and Comfort of all who live here. I am not sure how to make all this work but there must be many who see what is not right of fair and decrease the number of those who feel that they will be the benefactors of the treasures of this great Earth. May I, as this time, ask you to ponder the possibilities and make the changes that will make a turn to making the majority to keep the few from turning this into a place of happiness and not hate.


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2 thoughts on “PATRIOTISM: It is the right and duty of all Americans to stand up against what is really wrong. Who would like to join me?

    1. Thank you for reading and responding. We live in a world that has been taken over by the few that want not to be our friend, but our Master. We may want to make our opinions heard but, a Greater Being will have the last word and those few will be unhappy again. Feel free to visit as often as you wish and we will cherish your comments.


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