As you get older you find ways to entertain yourself with the lived experiences that you had never had to deal with.

Like a new or student driver, a senior citizen can do some really dumb stuff. As we find ourselves in those odd situations the mind does not work in ways to allow you an excuse for your actions and, at times, you need that quick response for justification for your actions to soften the result of a consequence. You now that an older lady batting her eyes, does not have quite the effect that works for a young girl. You are never too old to learn new tricks and if you are sincere you will be able to save yourself some hassles and maybe a ticket.

There are times that you need to make a act “Out of the ordinary” that in some states may not be allowed if not down right unsafe. At the time you have deemed it necessary to make that action and there is a policeman observing you, the chances of a ticket or a scolding is eminent. It is in those time you will need a quick and sensible response to have the officer consider the need for a warning and not a ticket with fines. At our Seniors’ Driving School, we instruct and offer many responses to help you soften the dreaded experiences that you may encounter. Take for instance you need to make a U-Turn. At that time you may be seen and the chance of being pulled over for a violation. We have developed quick responses to allow the “So far out there” that forgiveness may be the best action by a Law Enforcement Officer.

One response is to inform the officer that you “had just filled your Depends” and need to get home to avoid any embarrassing events. With your response the Officer may laugh and then with sincerity send you on your way. There are props that you can obtain at a Magic Stores or Kroger during Halloween. One is a can of Fart Spray. A quick spray would be sufficient evidence and proof of a mishap.

There are many other things that can happen when you are driving and you just do something that is questionable Don’t hesitate to sign up for our four hour course on “how to be a more affective senior driver. Just $29.95 USD


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