The New Religion of the Liberal Constitution. Do you want to learn about the United States of Liberal America, for the future?

We are entering a New World of Political understanding that may seem right but when under close scrutiny you will find that your rights will soon become the gift of the Elite. With this new beginning, you will be met with the New Normal. The following are just a few those ideas that will become Natural and Acceptable.

  • Climate change will be the work of the Government and the Earth must comply with all edicts that will bring Prosperity to those who are in Charge.
  • You will be held to account for all that is accepted by the Elite, and you will be found to be useless if you feel that you may have a conflicting view.
  • The many factions of feeling and or separatism, shall be afforded special privileges which must be accepted by the majority that does not fit into any of those separate factions.
  • Any definition or descriptions of any word or activity, must be used as to the edicts of the controlling party to ensure that all minorities will have control over all others not in control.
  • If by chance that you would believe in a Supreme Being, A Creator, or A God, that is considered the reason for this Country’s founding, you will be forced to keep silent with your opinion or views. This concept is for the use of the Controlling Body, when needed to give credence that a citizen may have belief in such a notion.
  • Racism and disrespect for purposes of division, will be considered paramount to ensure support of those who will benefit from the use of this action.
  • The main thrust of the New Religion will be presented as a Political idea, to allow name-calling, and complete disparagement of those who will not comply with the edicts of those in charge.
  • Common decency and respect will not be tolerated.

Do you think that this is a little “Out There”? It would be if the afore mentioned aspects of our Government was not already practicing the Way Out antics that seem to be the Norm. For about 16 years we have been barraged with many and varied words that are new definitions and meanings of event and experience that have not been a part of the norm. The reasoning behind all this is to take the Constitution and the values that support the validity of the Document to be flexed and appear malleable to the point that all laws and statutes shall be given a new point of law, and all things will be without precedent.

We are considered to be an enemy of the state if we do not comply and agree with the dribble we are being exposed to. The intellectuals are so above all the regular population, that we are considered not educated and uneducable. In simplest terms we are not worthy of freedom and need to be herded to the point of uselessness. The only Armor to protect yourself is making God the center of your life. I will stand up and acknowledge that God created in this Great Earth which we live, the need to survive. As the Earth stands with it’s Creator, I will stand as well.



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