When:  1946

Where:  South Bend, Indiana

Schools: Nuner Elementary  South Bend, Indiana
                  Humbolt Elementary  Humbolt, Tennessee
                  Nuner Junior High School   South Bend, Indiana
                  John Adams High School   South Bend, Indiana
                  University of Tampa Tampa, Florida
                  University of South Florida  Tampa, Florida 

What:    Son, Brother, Friend, Confidant, Adventurer, Musician, Airman, Husband, Father, Lover, Best Friend, Thinker, Simple Egotist,(to be continued) 


What I remember doing in my life:

  • At a young age, falling asleep, standing up.
  • Playing, daily, at Potawatomi Park. (my back yard)  https://www.facebook.com/PotawatomiZoo/