The Path, the added fork.

Where are you going?  WHAT?!!! This is a major question for many who live to preserve Values.  We the Representative Republic, needing to be restored, and are looking for an answer to 'where to start'.  The efforts of Donald Trump, have been many and seem to be on track with those who voted to elect … Continue reading The Path, the added fork.

The Path to What.

Think about it.  This great Country. we live in, was structured to have a representative system to govern and protect the citizens.  Coupled with that, a Document of guidance, points out the Rule of Law.  That is really how simple it can be.  The order to all of this, is centered around the act of … Continue reading The Path to What.

Many Minds, Many Thoughts. Is that “two” Many, or “too” Many?

Today, is where you want to be.  What better time in History, to live than NOW?  Access to technology alone, connects us to each other through the senses.  You read something, you react, mentally, and immediately, then think it through.  With that said, we have the first two stored in our minds,(and computer) to revisit … Continue reading Many Minds, Many Thoughts. Is that “two” Many, or “too” Many?