The Path, the added fork.

Where are you going?  WHAT?!!! This is a major question for many who live to preserve Values.  We the Representative Republic, needing to be restored, and are looking for an answer to 'where to start'.  The efforts of Donald Trump, have been many and seem to be on track with those who voted to elect … Continue reading The Path, the added fork.


Thread III: How did we get this far?

The true seed of Freedom is so deeply embedded in to our Souls that at the time least expected, Young minds notice that enough is enough.

Where will it go from here? How did it get this far?

Somewhere, in the mix of all the technology, just beginning to tweak the interest in advancing, something, popped up to include the Human Condition, into Technology.  This move may have been a weakening, to the strength of Technology, and  the respect aspect became thinner.