Why is there so much fear? The World is fine in its natural state. Tomorrow the answer?

One might ask if there is an ounce of common sense attached to this bend towards a society of "ungrateful wards of the State". 

The Left Can’t Even Agree on What Politics Is

This will be one of my Political Statements. I found that looking at the diagram there seem to be more people that want to argue your thoughts based on feeling as opposed to Fact and Common sense.

The Left Can’t Even Agree on What Politics Is, is there too many opinions?  

Benjamin Studebaker

In helping my undergrads prepare for their exams the last few weeks, I’ve noticed something–one of the major obstacles to successful left-wing organising is the left’s inability to agree on what politics itself is. Different political theorists understand “politics” differently. You can broadly divide conceptions of the political into two realms. Some people think politics is about pursuing the truth and the good, and other people think that politics is about managing disagreement about the truth and the good. Then within those camps you can make further divisions on the basis of what strategy people prefer to use to pursue the good or manage disagreement. Here, let me chart this out for you:

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