This page is under construction.   Any successes will be found in the participation of any and all participants.  If for any reason, anyone wishes to start a discussion on any topic, they are free to do so.  Bear in mind that you may at times feel of frustration and maybe a little anger.  Keep an open mind, there is no need to criticize and if you don’t like what you see, exit out.

REMEMBER:  You are always welcome to return and find another topic to offer a comment. 

Something new for you to think about.  If you are looking for a useless opinion.

We are going to branch out to inform anyone who should venture this far that we are diving into the water with Advice.  You are not to take this too seriously, yet there may be an opportunity to gain a little insight into your question.  We will be asking a small donation to our cause for of the month.  All of this will be in total fun and remember we will take your question in Earnest and just try to play with a response that will have a little “curveball” slant.  A Penny for my thought would work in 1800 yet today it may be more like $5.00 USD.  Give it a try.



8 thoughts on “FORUMS

  1. 2 Jan 2018
    We are opening this as a means of:
    1, getting ideas for future blog-posts that would meet your interest,
    2, keeping you informed.
    3, share little snip-its of what is going on in my life that help you understand who I am and where I am moving.


  2. We are beginning to be concerned with the attempt by the Mainstream Media to gain control of and directing public opinion. If you have any input regarding this subject make a comment to be considered.


    1. Thank you for visiting our Blogsite. We are honored that you would take the time to read our stuff. Feel free to visit often or even Follow us. We welcome comments as feedback is key to success and progress. Again Thank you.


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