Is there a need for change, or am I just dreaming?

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Well it has been a considerable amount of time, but who would be keeping score. Things have changed, and you, the reader, may need to bear with me as I put on my writing shoes. As always it is nice to start over again.

The efforts to stay current has had challenges for a number of years and there may be a continuum that has contributed to the difficulty in making discriminating choices. The main issue is that we have left the comfort of having something in which to believe.

We have been given a new religion to believe in and the Leaders have been complaining about the ones who have had a religion that they practiced and the Founding of this Nation assured the future with the notion that all rights are God Given and that this Nation shall follow that notion. There are a number of individuals that have ascribed to the opposite notion and that Man is the soul provider of Grace in this Nation. Therefore. the new National Religion will be Liberalism.

Is there a need to allow God, to be our Spiritual Guide of do you believe that Man will control the Earth and all that it does to protect itself?


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