The Problem with Faith. Why is it so difficult to recognize?

Another photo from Ephesus.  Wow, Turkey is a great Country for History.

Man has toyed with Faith, since the beginning of time.  All the quotes to refer to Faith are many, and most without, a sense of meaning.  A senses of meaning will require sessions of deep thought.  The preference is to not resort to meditation, as there is a need for discipline.   All this is food for another post.

Faith, when used to guide one’s life, should have no attachment to physical life.  The physical being is to be reactive to stimuli, and will not deal well with Faith.  Faith will not be found in a part of the brain, that holds a place in the file-system.  Faith will become your Being, with no compromise to whatever surrounds you.    Think about it!

In short, use Faith as the tool to guide your actions, and curb your tongue.



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