Living in The Box

One of the greatest times of any life is when things are not going quite as smoothly as you wish.  Also, at the same, time that you are caught completely off guard and find it hard to make a good decision.  Hense the Box for Living became an issue.  With many people, as they attempt to build a future, the bottom falls out and the options are few.  If you are not prepared the snowball starts its roll down the hill and you add to the situation until there is only one solution.  There seems to be something there.

Box and tarp
Good ole, Home Depot

At that time the options list had shortened and the result was a box.  Keep in mind that you may have to be young to move in this direction, however, remember the options may need to a little wider than what I had available.  The move was to get two boxes, one a Range Box and the other a Refridgerator Box.  This action is not recommended for climates which there is a definite chance for snow.  The Real Estate for this move needs to be where one would not be too different from the other residence. in the area.  Tents, Lean-tos, Tarps, and Boxes were the make-up of the area, so the addition was in Vogue.  A large Blue Tarp covered the grouping and all was fine.  On the cooler evenings, the car parked near the entrance provided enough heat to fall asleep, with waking up the only challenge.  All the other amenities were found at the Convenience Stores, Truck Stops. Laundrymats, and an occasional invite to a home.  In order to keep this within the realm of reality, I had to not let anyone know the truth of my situation, only that I was having a little speed bump to deal with.

There is a caution that must be adhered to, try not to do this yourself.  In the experience, a poor self-esteem enters the room and there are demons that try to take over.  If you are not prepared for those, you may not recover, nor progress.  If you have had a low time in your life you can relate.  The reality of this experience is beyond the glitch to progress that we all encounter from time to time.

As in all of life, good and bad, things change.  The Box time was short lived as maybe two to three months.  The time had no shine to it, in fact, things were extremely dim in my life.  The shine and light were revealed much later after the experience was a memory and reflection could be accepted as a wonderful learning experience.

There is no reason to suggest that anyone should try this.  Even as an experiment, the mental prep to succeed, may not work.  The devastation of one’s life may be the only outcome.  In the experience, I survived the ordeal with the Faith that “this is only temporary,  as I can look back and just say that it had happened.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. We are in a bit of a slump and are working through some issues. We are honored that you would visit and hope that you will return soon. Feel free to leave any comments as feedback is key to success and progress. We are humbled.


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