What do you do when you have a bunch of questions and don’t know where to start? Here are some doozies.

Today is another day that I struggle to think about something to write about.  The motivations seem to have been hidden.  The following is subjects that are common information that appears daily.  For some odd reason, some of the positions a few people ascribe to just leave others to question.


KILL MY BUSINESS:  Why does a company that has a history for family entertainment, choose to support the notion of eliminating families?

OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED: How can the weather make our lives important by guaranteeing total elimination?

I LOVE A PARADE:  Is there the need for an event to celebrate who we are unless the feeling is that everyone really does not know what is obvious?

IT’S MY MONEY:  Where will the money appear while buying the gifts for those who do not have any money?

ONLY ONE LIFE TO LIVE:  Does your idea of how I should live and accept the manner you live to gain the respect of that which is not respected by you?

FAILURE IS THAT WHICH EXPLAINS NOTHING:  What does the outcome of failure take some of the progress to success?


Questions are what attaches other questions without solutions.  Or
Solutions are questions that stop having questions. Or. . . . . . . . . . .



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11 thoughts on “What do you do when you have a bunch of questions and don’t know where to start? Here are some doozies.

  1. I seem to find inspiration in the simplest things.
    Am I simple minded?
    No. I’m just happy with the little things.
    Another thing…
    I people watch.
    Love it.
    The subjects and conversations in my head feeds my soul.
    Most times, I smile at strangers… And it’s received well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I must say that the simple things are what makes your complexity. And that is what makes knowing you so simple. You are far from simple. I would receive your smiles forever.


    1. Thank you for visiting our Blog Site. We are honored that you would take the time. We welcome you opinion as feedback is the key to progress and success. Again Thank you and you may like us to receive updates.


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