Life in The Box.

Being bound to the Earth as a Human Being, you are limited to how far you can extend.


Where Love Conqurers (Conclusion)

One day, Red got serious with the young girl.  She quizzed the young girl with regard to why she would not react as others and go on without event.  The young girl explained to Red that Love is what got her this far and that Love would be her driver for the future.  The young girl … Continue reading Where Love Conqurers (Conclusion)

The Path may not be what we thought

Some may wonder: 'Why are people acting this way, What is the cause, Where do I fit in?' There are many answers to each question of wonder. Each answer, needs to be the product of the individual. There is a need to be a part of something, that lurks among Human Beings. The lack of … Continue reading The Path may not be what we thought