Where do we find the answers? – – – – – Are there any answers? II

May I digress to the 1970″s.  We were in the midst of trying to work on the Moral premise that All Men are Created Equal.  The country was still in it’s Ostridge mode of not looking at things as they should.  The feeling then was that there were forces in play that would not allow citizens to think for themselves and or make a right decision.  The facts are, no government body can legislate Morality.  If the thinking, at the time, was that the Founding Fathers put on paper, words that were meant to be representatives taking action in the guise of serving the needs of a group of people they represented.  This new paradigm stuck and the true meaning of the Founding Fathers was lost.  Lost until the people take back the control of their representatives.

The County where I taught, was a leader in trying to meet the directive of our National Leaders to change the Morals of our Students, Teachers, and Administrator.  In the midst of all the attempts, there were Heros born every day trying to meet the misguided directive.  Most of the Heros to me were all Black.

To facilitate order in our schools when busing became the answer to Morality, One man was given the task of ensuring a smooth day at one High School.  He as being respected by his community would each day, board each bus, to impart the reason for the students being present.  This was in the day of corporal punishment, at which he did utilize, and there was a need for that action.  His daily ritual was given to aide in the hope for a peaceful day.  Much of his efforts were heeded and some not.  This man was forced into a situation that he acted as he believed to be Right and Just.

As his efforts continued, a peace did occur, not totally, but somewhat.  The county upon his time to move on, awarded him Leadership in the school I worked.  In the forty plus year, I take the time to reflect on the experience and marvel in all my Black Heros.

Not all of those Administrators were in the game for Right.  This one Man was there to do Right.

These people require no less than my Unconditional Brotherly Love



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