Where do we find the answers? – – – – – Are there any answers?

Think about it.

A person of my age should be condemning the World for all the things happening that I do not agree with.  The one thing I will condemn is the manner in which the World has allowed itself to digress thus far.

Warning: This is a rant about something that is not important, yet, seeks a need for my input.  

First off, to make things more clear, I will be happy to admit that I am part of the problem.  As an educator in the seventies, I was conservative with some views that would lean a little left.  In defense of my position, being in the educational system, and starting a little late in life, found that the younger teachers were deeply scared with the beginnings of the indoctrination of young minds.   Naturally, I wanted to be accepted and considered Hip.  The Communistic influence in our Educational system in the United States must have started in the mid to late 1960’s.  With my generation not being aware of the change that was happening, we seemed to plug along in oblivion.  I can remember dealing with racially integrated administrations, ( and much needed ) for progress and equality for all, accepting arbitrary requests in the guise of right.

(At that time any School administrator was, not only, forced into an awkward situation, but judged by all unequally.)  A topic for the future.

For some odd reason, I often thought that the goal was to educate young minds in a manner that would allow them to think for themselves and make rational choices in their lives.  My expertise was Music.  Instrumental Music or Band Director.  I wanted them to learn their instrument to maybe be a Music Teacher.  Many of these fine young persons did continue in life with Music a major part of their being.  With pride, I attained the goal for my existence.  To this day I am able to communicate with a few of those great people.  They were destined to be who they were, even as an awkward pre-teen.

This was where my eyes closed and my mind numbed, not knowing the hidden agenda being offered to students by these younger teachers.  Working with my colleagues who were indoctrinated through their college years, never exposed the Red Flag of Learning.  I would believe that, for the most part, they were unaware of what had happened to them.  In the years far removed from the profession of Education, the revelation of fact has cleared a path to understand for which I am grateful.


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