Here I am!

Surprise, we are here and trying to find the words to share, make sense, and not seem to be fishing for reactions.  

Our absence in contributing began in May of this year.  A routine, annual physical gave life to a series of events that continued to drain the mental resources.  With one test or exam leading to another took its toll on a desire to share, let alone have an opinion on what was very much spinning around the universe. 

The May exam revealed an issue that had been present yet not warranting any real concern.  Until now.  (With me I am one of those people that believe that taking care of yourself is important.  And. When confronted with a situation, let those with skills and education be in control.)  June required a Sonogram on the Heart and chest area.  Being there is always interesting as there a point that an Audio recording is required.  When you hear it for yourself,  very much is revealed.  It did not sound frightening but did bring on an uneasy feeling that something was not right.  (In keeping with my stand on keeping myself well, I have experienced 10 to 15 Sonograms to notice the good from the bad.)  The results of this test made it necessary to consult with a Physicians assistant on the need for a Cardiac Catheter to explore the cause of the abnormality.  Long story short. I will need an Aorta Valve Replacement.  (AVR)  Other appointments that are needed to measure Pulmonary capacity, CAT SCAN, and short consults getting prepared for a procedure.  

There are two types of procedures for an AVR.  One is using a Catheter, the other is the old standard Open Heart Surgery.  (I still remain true to those who are educated and skilled.)

The most perplexing aspect of all of this is that for years the questions on symptoms continued to be asked.  I do not remember having any of the experiences until I was told that I was supposed to have them.

There you have it.  Going forward, I will attempt to share my opinions or comments until the day of the Surgery.  October 10, 2018, at 7 am will begin a journey that will create a new man.



11 thoughts on “Here I am!

  1. Good morning…it’s difficult, at best, to face such an enormous reality.  My husband and I went through quadruple bypass a little over a year ago.  He is healthy and strong now.  I believe our God has you in His hands and you will recover in strength and continued service in His will.  Courage, my friend.  Courage!  You are in our prayers.

    The nicest place to be is in someone’s thoughts, the safest place to be is in someone’s prayers, and the very best place to be is in the hands of God.  Amen

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  2. My aunt had a triple bypass. I was scared for her until she shushed me, she had Jesus, she said.
    Well she had him and us and prayers, like you do.
    My aunt came home, rested and put us to shame with her energy and actions. You are going to be fine. We are here with you and look forward to the updates.💞


  3. Dear John,
    Don’t know where you will be in the process when you receive this note, but I’m sending healing vibes your way and thinking of you…Place all of your energy on getting better and please send an update when you get the chance. You are so strong, you can do this! Can’t wait to hear all about your journey…F. ❤


    1. Thank you “F”. I know that you will be there, in the distance, with me. I can feel all the positive energy coming in from all sides. Our strength comes from receiving that energy. I Will do a post of progress soon.

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      1. Im so glad. I missed your posts and feedback and know that you will be back in fine form again. Take all the time to rest, we are praying for your speedy recovery. Don’t forget that you have a lot of support here. I send warm regards to you. Be strong!


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