Is an answer found from within the question, or does the question lead to the desired answer?

The human being is a concept of an entity from which all that “is” becomes the issue that tends to reveal meaning. Anybody can seek answers but it takes a unique individual to construct questions that will meet the needs of an answer. This idea can be found where those who feel to be a lesser individual tend to stand on the ground that they feel others should be heeding their position with little or no regard to truth, history, or common sense. Where one may find this to be true may be within the groups that find the status quo is in opposition to their liking. In an effort to create change they force upon others the validity of their position by promoting an ideal that the establishment has bullied them to believe an irrational thought.

You can see that trying to reason with these groups is futile and in an effort to seek a solution that would meet the needs of society and the opposing rationale has not a chance to become a path to resolution.

There is an undertow within this World that may not be in the best interest of all its citizens. With all the noise, one may believe that we have been living with this “Big Lie” and all is coming to a head to smite us all down. And, for the most part, this may become true and change all that we have believed. The one premise that will hold true is that we are nothing more than visitors with the goal to find a path to doing good deeds on behalf of others. These deeds may happen without any knowledge that they had ever been done.

To that we must seek that which is real and not seen to be able to recognize that which is not real and perceived.

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