Where are all the great minds who make this World a better place?

Entrance to Church at Ephesus. Where the Great Minds may be found.

Entrance to Church at Ephesus. Where the Great Minds may be found.

It has been a fair amount of time passed from the last post. There is a reason for my scarcity and there is no excuse. The fact is that there is not much in the mind, and Soul, that would be of any value to the rest of the World, This is what fills space, and maybe, just maybe, provokes a little thought from those who are motivated to voice an opinion.

First, to satisfy the title, one would have to understand the means at which a number of people in this World that have no respect for others and need to ensure that only one path to understanding is obtained through their position on Humanity. One may explore how all this works together to allow the great avenues any individual may find a key for fitting in, making a difference, and maintaining a little sanity. These three concepts are intertwined in a manner that, when analyzed, is nearly impossible to separate from each, and puzzling to explain the bond that defines The Human Experience. Using this as criteria, you will find the great minds will not attempt to instill their thoughts for your interpretation. That may be account for the lack of information on Great Minds.

There is a phenom know as the past. A past that was embedded in truth, fact, and consequence. Unlike the current times, truth is invented, fact is embellished and consequence is the notion that most people are not interested in the other two concepts. There is a statement offered by a prominent individual touting that he valued Truth over Fact. Is this the projection of the future? You be the judge.

If there is a chance that you as a reader had an opinion, your input would bring to light the need for discussion.


You may view this as an opportunity to have a little Chuckle.


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