Where Love Conquers. (BEGINNING)

When we hear a story, the impact hits at the hearing, yet seems to expand with your reflection of information. Just the fact that someone shared their life, makes you a part of their past. Such is in the following. Please take the time to read and reflect.

In the 1970’s, when we may have felt progress abounding, we find that society is content with stagnation. Such is this event in Texas.

A young girl is forced into a situation that goes against the norm for most, yet emerged an angel.  Another young girl, we will call her Red, set in her ways, with no way out, has a change of Heart. These two about the same age work together but not without tension. Red would not touch anything used by the other girl, without being washed.  She was extremely mean to the other girl, as was very normal behavior for Red.  Her conversations would always revert to slurs and ugly remarks to her being.

With all this, the young girl would respond to Red with respect and a sense of non-reaction.  This behavior was not what was expected and caused Red to react questioning.

As this becomes an event with many aspects and possible outcomes, there is a need to not tire the reader with facts.  There is more to think about.  Take a day and come back tomorrow.


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