I am LATE! Actually old.

HEY, I’m BACK.  The lack of production on my part was due to an overabundance of weakness.  Yes, the day after Christmas, I had a visit from a bug that just wiped me out.  With a little lingering of some Lung congestion, I am plowing through and will give it my all.

The past is what is, and we have another year to have our minds tickled by the “so-called” intellectuals with little regard to fact or fiction.  With the strength of choice, I will find that fiction will be the driver and we will be forced to search the truth.  In a not too long ago time, we would be able to get the truth and just look to find facts.  Today, due to an educational system that has produced an army of opinionators that FEEL, and refuse to ACT.  There has always been a premise that “Good Will Prevail” and knowing that, there is not a thing that should bring about any doubt.  As each day passes and the News of the World unfolds my wish is that you will look for the Truth, and seek that which is Real.

For whatever reason, there are some, and I am now quite sure if there are many, have attached themselves to a notion that there is no saner nor better process to follow than,  their own answer to progress.  As the lack of tolerance to other points of view, grows so extends the need to double down on a failed premise without cause.  When looking at this behavior, there seems to be a lack of maturity, that blinds the conscience.  Again, the educational system will bear the burden of failure due to the abandonment of a respect for others and their right to exist.  Somewhere in the eye of the storm, and utilizing the calm, the desire to comprehend compassion would guide one to accept open and varied tenants to values.

The census has been to accept a possibility to have two schools of thought and rejecting any other without consideration, would be morally wrong.  With that, one would need to visit the meaning of Morality.  Without the truth to Morals, one can only surmise that “ME” is where the World pivots, as opposed to “WE” relating to the pivot.

The day of revelation arrives each and every day.  There are times when the arrival happens many times per day.  Keeping the mind open to those events can allow you to evolve into one of wisdom.


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