A weekend with three, talented and Right Minded people. Why Should you feel good about yourself? 1 of 3 Why 0837

Last weekend we attended an Auction for Fine Art.  There were three talented Artist that shared their life story and gave all of us an opportunity to learn what makes them tick.  Our first Artest was “LEBO” David (Lebo) Le Batard.  He designed and painted the Welcome To Miami Beach sign.  This sign is placed on the edge of the water.  The task had to be completed with the use of Bosin’s chairs, like ones used by Skyscraper window washers.  He is a Cuban-American artist is internationally recognized for his unique style—Postmodern Cartoon Expressionism—which harmonizes calligraphy, cartoons, indigenous art, mythology, and modern melody.  Due to my experiences and acquaintances who are Cuban Refugees, I took a liking to him as a “stand out” in his field.    


If you have viewed the Video, you will find the trait of David that endears him to many.  The Real part of David is his willingness to Give more than he receives.  David searches out people who are getting along, much like him, offering a piece of himself on the streets, selling is wares.  David has his Art, yet has found a Wounded Warrior (Purple Heart) that does Woodwork, and a young lady that does needlework.  When he met these people his offer was based on one and only one need.  “How much do you need to survive.”  David took what they had and made a work of Art of their works and returned a substantial share of the proceeds of his embellishments.  The woodworker incorporates a piece of Purple Rose Wood into each piece he makes and stamps his Brand.  The seamstress applies patches to a piece of fabric and David builds a story to the surface.  With his efforts, David has helped all he associates with to become independent. 

The act of helping others is what should be the plight of all who walk this Earth.  There are many more and more ties to this young man than you will find here. 

On this weekend that we met other Artists that have many more Philanthropic activities, which we will post at another post. 

  • Think of your encounters with those you admire that do things beyond their realm. 
  •  How do you feel about what they do? 
  • Do you feel the needs to offer yourself in the service of Others?    

Photo: Google Images


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