A weekend with three, talented and Right Minded people. Why Should you feel good about yourself? 2 of 3 The new young.

Today, we share an experience with one of the young and talented with knowledge of many venues and technique far beyond her years.  Being in the same room let alone standing next to her keeps the mind racing to wonder about and search for meaning.  What would be your reaction in learning that you were considered a child prodigy at the age of 5 or 6?  Such is the case of Autumn De Forest.  Autumn is a maturing young lady, 17 at this time, that has learned and mastered many techniques that for many of the Classic Masters took years to develop.  Autumn’s early works were not primitive at any standard.  Each piece seemed to radiate in Color, Tone, Story, and Theme.  She is observed by her Father at her every event with the love and understanding that it would take to have a genius for an offspring.  Observant and ready would best describe his position in the room.  Autumn is drenched in knowing what is right and her life emits that which may be the root to her being.  At the age of twelve, she had a painting, Blessed by the Pope at the Vatican, where the piece now is displayed.

There are many other aspects of her life that seldom appear until she brings them to the forefront.  She gives of herself to other young and younger children an experience to the Visual Arts by having seminars and classes to allow many an act of expression.  She does donate to many causes.  To have this as part of you being at such an early age, must be overwhelming.  Now, Autumn is unique and her fame talent and success is shared with many collectors that have the honor of meeting her and asking her questions.  Through her efforts and exposure, there is a whole young community missed and seem to be hidden.  Such is the exposure of young new talented people putting together Videos addressing the plight of these young talented individuals.

Bring this back to making sense, there is in each and every one of us the seed to unfold a life that is beyond the Norm.  With the experiences that have been afforded me, I see that the key is keeping others at the forefront of motivation.  Giving of oneself is not all that difficult.

If you were given an opportunity to extend yourself. how would you prepare to accomplish your goal?


Photo: Google Images.


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7 thoughts on “A weekend with three, talented and Right Minded people. Why Should you feel good about yourself? 2 of 3 The new young.

  1. Autumn is literally amazing (a sadly overused word, but in this instance exactly what I want to express). Focus upon helping the first situation or persons I encounter each day seems to be working.


    1. When we first met Autumn, she was a young lady with great stature. As she has matured there has been subtleties in her works that convey her being. She is blessed with great parents and has done very well to honor their contribution to her life. I am looking forward to her future works, knowing that she will be giving of herself. Thanks for your comment.


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