Would you believe an area beyond the tube? Yes, but not with a healing Sternim.

All Thoracic intensive care units pay strict attention to the point of incision has a need to be protected in order to allow a strong lasting bond.  An acceptable answer with most ICUs is to limit the lifting threshold, by an arbitrary weight with no consideration to the pre-surgery strength of the patient.  Using this rule works well with the legal aspect of the medical profession however using this to the benefit of the patient falls short of a positive outcome.  

Cardio Physical Therapy: While in Physical Therapy sessions, the body reacts to the stress that is developed in the process.  If there is anything that requires notice, is the changes in the body are quite different due to major surgery than how the body would react in the same situation, prior to surgery. 

Tune into your body: During a brief encounter with a nurse discussing an event that I had encountered that caused concerns of the Therapy Team during the course of exercises.  The consensus of the Team was to evaluate the patient as opposed to looking at the events that could be viewed as a setback.  The end result was to ramp up the monitoring process of the Heart condition during these exercises.  Also, having knowledge of dietary and hydration intake of the patient will tune in on what is happening in your body.  This may seem to be so basic and absurd, but with many people, this is not an issue that requires awareness.  

Where does this all come together?  Whether you have had any Major surgery or not, facts require you to be aware of changes that are the results of someone having their hands inside your body.  The Brain does have the knack of wandering around and playing with your better judgment.  With all this, up to now, there are many other conditions that affect the process of healing and recovery.  Diabetes is a condition that has more effect on how your body processes the healing process.  Your body chemistry has a profound effect on the ability of the body’s efforts to heal and bring back normalcy. 

Living within the tube: is just the act of using common sense in regard to that which will protect the body from further damage.  If you are wondering just how amazing our bodies are,  just take time to observe the human skeleton, and not ask a question on how does this work so well.  After spending time with the person who questioned the past accepted protocol of the 5-10 pound rule.  Jenny Adams, Ph.D. at “Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital Walter I. Berman Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Center in Dallas, TX. has given me a reason to ponder and consider the need to engage in reason -based techniques in moving with consideration to protecting the Sternum following Open Heart Surgery. 

You may, at some time in your life, find yourself having to consider survival tactics for recovery from major surgery.  Ask yourself if, To live inside the tube an invaluable concept to offer a slight advantage to recovery?  Greater things have been considered and utilized for success.



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