What is on your mind or I am trying to make sense of the uneducated comments of those who have Graduate degrees? (A simpleton’s view.)

Public Toilet

WARNING:  You may not want to read this.  You may learn that I am a Conservative Thinking Individual, with opinions.  I have very little use for and disagree with tenants that most Liberals and Dictators have to inflict on my life and my beliefs.  You may have your opinion and be loved for being a living being and citizen of this Earth.

I am aware that a number of people reading this blog are citizens of Countries outside the Americas, and may not have an interest in what is happening in the United States of America.  Most may either not understand what is really happening or recognize the situation and start to wonder “why?”.

Many of the citizens of The United States of America have been in a losing the battle with a certain faction of the population in trying to save the Tenents set up by the Founding Fathers who wrote the defining Document know as The Constitution of The United States.  This same document that ensures all that wish to live within these (?Borders?) can arrive, with a sense of opportunity for equality and freedom.  There are many who believe that this same freedom should be controlled by the State which in turn will ensure prosperity to those acting as the State.  To me, that seems to be the exact reason many want to live here and when they learn the truth, will find out that they have moved to a country that is the same as what they were trying to escape.

Many citizens would like to uphold our sovereignty by allowing those seeking to live here a fair opportunity that would not be retracted once they become Legal Citizens.  That is what is happening to those who have, in the past, began to seek freedom and gained Citizenship in the United States.  Today the New Immigrant is given an incentive to  Emigration from your home Country to seek and make this the same as what they had left behind.  Why is it that you want to make a neighborhood the same as what you had left?  If you seek to better yourself then why must you what you have just left.  The “American Dream” is to be able to follow the path of being equal with all.

Where would one find that Donald J. Trump telling us that he is a Racist? That seems to be the narrative of those reporting the news.  The problem is that the ones presenting the “News”, feel that if they tell the truth based on fact, no one would read their account of events.  We have stooped to the level of those who we disagree only to be willing to have them know it is what we feel should be proper and right and their opposition is the reason that they opposers should be labeled derogatory beings.

Today there are many who feel that they should jump into the ring and take on the Trumpster because of their dislike or even hatred of his being.  This man who loves this Country as much as he does and his knowledge of that which is happening are not what he was taught in school, as in the way that Our Forefathers had envisioned.   The people who came to this Land, to make a better life, away from a society that hampered their ability to live in happiness under the thumb of a Monarchy.  That which they had left is exactly what a group of Political leaders is trying to invoke onto the Citizens of this Country.

If you are willing to give up your freedom for the chance that all your previsions are given to you, please do not begin to complain when such a way of life is yours to experience.


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