Is this a big Thank You or just another self-centered concept? March 2019.

This is very much like a personal letter to those who follow this Blog Site.  Although this is directed to a very small group of people, a Blog is an everlasting series of comments that can be visited for years beyond the physical life of a presenter.  Also, there are those who find something that provokes a reaction which will extend beyond the lives of both the contributor and the commenter. There is a fear that Libraries may become extinct, I believe not, as there will continue to be a need to find information.  A blog is a resource for those who are as lazy as some who will not publish beyond their blog.  Those are the many and will not be found in a Library.  However, the Libraries will always have the means to access the internet and those on Blogs will live forever.

Eternity is not the main thrust here as one must have a reader to close the circle of information.  I as a blogger have simplified my few that I follow and try to keep a close and personal relationship with them.  Each of you is quite close to me as there is, at least from my perspective, a bond that extends beyond that of respect.

Now that you have this information I wish to acknowledge a few of my follower that I follow and a reason why.

mitchteemley Since Jan 31, 2019.  Mitch is a site that came up as a suggested site.  With all that he does, Mitch allows me to reflect on my own experiences and there seems to be a little guidebook that points me in a positive direction.

grAnnie Roo Since Dec 14, 2018.  Here is a person that is deeply grounded in Life.  With that, she will continue to allow you to appreciate all that you feel is important.  Roo is in touch with The Earth and all that is a part of it.  She makes me think, then I will have some sort of smart remark for her.  A truly great Blog to follow.

 Sunshiny SA, Kavitha Since Mar 13, 2018.  Kavita is my hold on what is beautiful.  She helps me understand those things most of us do not think about because we have so many prejudices.  SA stands for South Africa and this keeps me in touch the next country I wish to visit.  Kavita is a great Photographer and will help you to satisfy you Wanderlust.

I wish to share with you, those who inspire my thinking with their daily offerings and post.  My plan for this year, 2019, is to post a little Kudo to those who affect my thinking.  If you are not there in the future, give me a reason.


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11 thoughts on “Is this a big Thank You or just another self-centered concept? March 2019.

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  2. Thank you John, always for your kind words, support and now appreciation. I feel humbled.
    Looking forward to your visit and know that you will love my Home.
    I send warm regards from a beautifully Sunshiny day here in SA.


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